ACT A to Z of crystal terminology

Technical paper – A to Z of crystal terminology

Definitions of frequently used key words when working with crystals. Aging Quartz crystal aging applies to the cumulative change in frequency over time, which results in a permanent change in the operating frequency of the crystal unit. The rate of change of frequency is fastest during the first 45 days of operation. Many interrelated factors... View article

ACT simulation of crystals and resonators

Technical paper – Simulation of crystals and resonators

In millimetric applications, an oscillator is a common module in many analogue circuits. The following article offers some suggestions of how to model the piezoelectric resonator that is its principal component. The RLC circuit representing the impedance of a crystal resonator is shown by a two-terminal equivalent in figure 1. The circuit above shows, the... View article

ACT kHz clock oscillators

Comprehensive range of kHz clock oscillators now available

ACT have launched their comprehensive range of kHz clock oscillators. The ACT90H series covers frequencies between 14kHz and 100kHz, and all are available with a universal square wave output (10TTL/15pF HCMOS). Other features include: frequency stability of ±25ppm to ±100ppm over -10+70°C and also -40+85°C output enable option is standard duty cycle 45/55% max with... View article