ACT RF clock crystals

ACT have launched their latest range of RF clock reference crystals. The comprehensive product family covers all common RF and wireless frequencies and is the ideal solution for demanding applications.

Whilst many manufacturers limit their over temperature stability to -20~-+75°C, the ACT range uses a combination of specialised electrodes, high-precision cut crystal blanks, and tightly controlled processing to offer over temperature stability to -30+85°C utilising a highly reliable, seam sealed package that features:

  • ±10ppm tolerance and stability over -30+85°C as standard)
  • ±15ppm for applications that require stability over -40+85°C
  • ultra-low aging at a maximum of ±1ppm in the first year (at 25°C)

The parts are available in 5 x 3.2mm, 3 x 2.5mm, 2 x 2.5mm, 2 x 1.6mm and 1 x 1.6mm.

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